Administrator hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. When the office is closed, you may leave a voicemail message or send an email. Your request will be addressed when the office reopens. Your monthly condo fees (payable by check or money order) can be delivered through the mail slot on the entrance door to the office or via USPS mail service.
Contact the Office
Call: 330-836-2340

Contact Maintenance
Call: 330-524-2814 or

Contact Board Members

If emergency services are required dial 911. Alert the Maintenance Manager for questions or information on the matter. Call 330-524-2814.
Water/sewage/trash collection, gas, lawn care, snow removal, leaf removal, general maintenance of building exteriors (excluding patios) are included.  No gas stoves/ranges or fireplaces are permitted.

• Grills
• Pool
• Tennis Courts
• Party House

Electric service is paid for by each owner and is mandatory. Optional owner responsibility services include telephone, security system and cable.
Cable is completely the responsibility of owners. Satellite dishes are permitted ONLY WITH PERMISSION from the Board and Maintenance Department.
Home owners insurance is required by each unit owner. While the condo association does cover common elements and association insurance, owners MUST provide coverage for “the walls in” portion of the structure. Per condo bylaws, proof of homeowner’s coverage must be provided to the association every year.
Georgetown is not an apartment complex. It operates entirely as condominiums. This means the condos are privately/individually owned. However, there are a few units that are grandfathered with rental status. Those rentals are handled by the owners and Georgetown Condominiums Association has no involvement with available units that are for rent.